Eric Taylor – “A Basket Life”

Congratulations to NBO member Eric Taylor on the publication of his book, “A Basket Life”!

Eric shares story from making his first basket as a teenager, a lengthy apprenticeship, and then out on his own, developing his Cottage Style baskets. He also writes about how ash trees are being destroyed by the emerald ash borer and how it’s affected basketmakers around the country.

Included in the the book is a special section called “Hunt for the Last Black Ash” where Eric shares his journal pages that document what he is doing up in Wisconsin.

While there are no basket patterns or instructions on how to make a basket, it is autobiographical and talks about black ash, how it’s processed, and the work involved in making all the materials to make a basket from the tree.

With 300 pages and hundreds of images, it is a book to enjoy!  Available in hardcover now, and softcover soon.

For more information about the book, you can visit and purchase an autographed copy (with free shipping) from Eric at Eric J. Taylor

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