Marcia Morse Mullins Exhibits in “Homo Faber 2024:The Journey of Life”

The Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship has announced its selection of a signature work by NBO member Marcia Morse Mullins for Homo Faber 2024: The Journey of Life.

An international celebration of contemporary artisans, this exhibition will explore life’s standout moments through the lens of craftsmanship. The woven sculpture created by Mullins was inspired by the interplay of a living creature with its physical surroundings.

Known for her skillful manipulation of natural materials to create unique woven forms, Mullins was surprised to hear from an Art Researcher in Switzerland for an exhibit in Italy. “For me, this journey began with a simple email,” she explained. “They discovered my website by way of NBO and had chosen my work for the exhibition long before they reached out. They wanted natural materials and organic shapes created with meticulous attention to detail, which perfectly describes my work.”

Interplay by Marcia Mullins, woven basket with antlers
Interplay by Marcia Mullins

A botanist by training, Mullins skillfully merges her knowledge of plants with traditional weaving techniques. “The weaving selected for Homo Faber 2024 is similar to the artwork that graced a Florida billboard in 2017,” she said. “I am eternally grateful for that high-profile display of my work, as every major art exhibition has local roots for the artists.”

Homo Faber 2024: The Journey of Life will include 400 works by 300 artisans from 50 countries. On exhibit in Venice from September 1-30, 2024 at Fondazione Giorgio Cini.

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