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NBO is about learning from one another. In this section, you can read an article about basket making materials or techniques, watch a master class video, or sign up for an online presentation or workshop. If that’s not enough, you can get in touch with a local basketry guild to learn from someone near you!

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NBO workshops & presentations

NBO Presents! is a series of live online programs on a variety of basketry topics, makers, and methods.

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If you missed a live event, you can watch a full video recording!

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Articles & videos

Capturing Your Work With Photography

Here is a helpful guide authored by Marcia Young that appeared in a past issue of the NBO Magazine. You’ll find tips and ideas to really make photography a useful part of documenting and marketing your work.

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Weaving with Willow Bark (video)

Follow the processing and weaving steps as Jennifer Heller Zurick teaches a willow bark weaving class at the 2013 NBO Biennial Conference: Tradition & Innovation in Basketry VII.

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NBO Presents Pat Hickman

NBO Presents: Pat Hickman “Baskets Holding”

During Virtually Woven 2022, Pat Hickman presented this lecture during our closing program. Pat and NBO have decided to make this lecture widely available.

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Nancy McKeown – “Coiled Pine Needle Basketry Stitch List”

NBO member Nancy McKeown is pleased to announce the publication of her book, “Coiled Pine Needle Basketry Stitch List”.

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NBO Presents: How to Photograph Your Baskets

A useful training session on how to best photograph your work to show it off to its best advantage.

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Janine Wang

NBO Presents: Janine Wang

Janine Wang works professionally in the design and modern production of retail home goods and furniture, while keeping one foot firmly rooted in wood turning, weaving, and the hand-crafted world, believing that we need both in good design.

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Basketry guilds

NBO works to support the many basket weavers’ guilds throughout the United States and Canada. These guilds are the bedrock of basketry education, offering a local or regional welcome to people interested in basketry. Find one near you!

List of basket weavers guilds in North America

Museums & schools

Browse our list of museums and schools of interest to the basket weaving community.

List of basketry museums and schools

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