Lifetime Achievement Awards

Above: Ancient Modern by Karen Woods, 2019

The National Basketry Organization awarded its first Lifetime Achievement Awards in 2013 at the biennial conference at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

The Award recognizes  the work of individuals whose work has influenced the field of American basketry and acknowledges superior achievement over the course of an entire career. Those who win this award are living role models that have made extraordinary contributions to the creation, support and growth of the field of American Basketry.

2021: Lois Russell (Massachusetts) and Dawn Walden (Michigan)

Lois Russell
Dawn Walden

Lois Russell and Dawn Walden were presented with the NBO Lifetime Achievement Award for their outstanding talent, history and support of basketry for many decades. Read more about them in the profile published in the Spring 2021 issue of Basketry + Magazine

2019: Jane Sauer (Missouri) and Joanna Schanz (Iowa)

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Enjoy a short video about these award winning artists:

2019 National Basketry Organization Lifetime Achievement Awards

2017: Delores Churchill (Alaska) and Gy├Ângy Laky (California)

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Dorothy Gill Barnes, Ohio

Cynthia Taylor and Aaron Yakim, West Virginia


John Garrett, Arizona

Flo Hoppe, New York

Leona Waddell, Kentucky

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