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Resources for Teaching Fees and Contracts

These recommendations are the results of over a full year of discussions held by the informal Teachers Zoom group, facilitated by NBO.

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French Randing Variations: Blocks, Zigzags, and Floats

As we kept digging for examples, analyzing baskets, and looking at weave structures from different perspectives, we were a bit amazed by all the variations that could be classified under “French randing”.

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NBO Presents: Basketry – Structure and Community

NBO and the Studio Art Quilts Association are pleased to present this program. Basketry: Structures & Community is a lively discussion between our interviewer Amie Adelman, and weavers Ramekon O’Arwisters and Nathalie Miebach.

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NBO Presents: A Studio Tour with Charissa Brock

Hosted by Lindsay Ketterer-Gates, enjoy this tour of bamboo artist Charissa Brock’s studio.

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Dorothy Gill Barnes

NBO Presents: Remembering Dorothy Gill Barnes

A look back at the life and art of Dorothy Gill Barnes.

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Demystifying the Jurying Process

Since one of the best ways for an artist to show their work is through entering juried exhibitions, we recently asked three respected jurors to explain something about what they look for when jurying a show.

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NBO Presents: Materiality – The Art of Repurposing 

David Chambers, Emily Dvorin, and Elizabeth Morisette discuss how recycled and found materials are used in their work.

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Katie Grove

NBO Presents: A Studio Tour with Katie Grove

Spend some time with Katie Grove at her studio in New York’s Hudson Valley. She’ll be showing us her outdoor and indoor space. As she states on her website, it is “Fine Art Basketry and Nature Inspired Arts”. Nick DeFord, Program Director at the Arrowmont School of the Arts, is our host.

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Progressive Randings

This is a wonderful resource from the Fall 2011 issue of the NBO Magazine. Written by Flo Hoppe and Cynthia Taylor, it is a close look at variations in weaving that can be used across all media.

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Basketry: The Art of Willow Craft

Book review by Lise Bech

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