Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Kathryn Erickson


Coiled Florida Long Leaf Pine Needles and Florida Muhly Grass, grown by the artist, using waxed linen thread, on a blue Lace Agate, accented with Carnellian beads and Agate pendants

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H: 10.5" | W: 11" | D: 3.5"
Kathryn Erickson
Punta Gorda FL
Rather than using pine needles exclusively, I also use Muhly Grass, a local bedding plant that I grow and harvest, which gives the basket more support for the increase in weight of my designs. I have developed a method of weaving stones to use as a base in my baskets, making them very distinctive from other weavers. My designs have evolved from traditional designs to a more open, airy style accented with jewelry quality pendants. My bases have evolved from wood, to flat agates and stones, and presently to three dimensional minerals. My latest innovation is to include a pine needle formation inside a grass basket and tying the two basket forms together in harmony combining nature of the land with the flow of the nearby seas fo Florida.
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