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NBO Members Exhibition

Jane Zwickey

Brussel sprout stalk handled basket

This particular basket was made with a dried Brussel sprout stalk that my husband was given as a potential carving project. The stalk/handle became the starting point; the rest of the design developed from that. Additional materials include fo reed, cane, and artificial sinew.

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H: 14" | W: 13" | D: 10.5"
Jane Zwickey
Freedom WI
On New Year's Day 1991, I made a resolution to learn something new. Later that year I was asked to attend weekend basket weaving class due to a last minute cancellation. I was hooked. While I use traditional materials, frequent workshops and guild meetings have introduced me to other materials such as cedar, wax linen, paper and pine needles. I am especially interested in indigenous work and twill patterns. I do divide my time between quilling and basket weaving with one or another project always in progress. Busy hands are happy hands.
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