Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Peeta Tinay

Vessel #3

Techniques: twining and lashing with overlay work. Materials: round reed, cane, flat reed, cellulose fiber dye, UV archival varnish and wax

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H: 16" | W: 25" | D: 18"
Peeta Tinay
Orinda CA
With a background in wicker restoration, I developed a strong love for design and structure that I bring to life through hard work, patience and a deep appreciation for the craft. My projects flow from a variety of twining, plaiting and lashing techniques. Round reed, flat reed, cane and whole rattan are treated with cellulose fiber dyes before the weaving process begins. A multiple step finishing process brings additional highlights and depth to the weaving. A UV archival varnish is applied then a lustrous hand-rubbed wax finish brings the piece to completion. My baskets are a culmination of 32 years experience working with weaving materials, finishes and exploring many weaving techniques.
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