Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Cathie Wier


Technique: Ply-split Braiding, artist-made 4-ply cord of cotton and rayon.

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H: 6" | W: 7" | D: 6"
Cathie Wier
Port Townsend WA
Living on the Salish Sea (Orcas Island and now Port Townsend, WA) I discovered beaches at low tide with seaweed of all colors and textures laid out on the sand in beautiful compositions. I also spend time hiking in the mountains which provides me with more rich textures and colors to explore in my weaving. Ply-split braiding allows me to create deeper three-dimensional objects and lends itself to creating vase and basket forms. I create four-ply cords from my stash of weaving yarns. Still influenced by the natural world I typically use the technique to explore new shapes and textures, allowing the piece to grow organically, usually not with a final form in mind.
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