Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Justine Burgess

Snow-topped hills

Built upon a circular strand and stake base, this piece is a rope coil basket in stripped white willow and Old French willow. The white rope coil weave reminds me of the snow seen on the rolling hills and mountains in Wales, and the packing (in a pale green) could easily be the hills themselves. The combination of the rope coil weave and packing produces an organic vessel, with undulations that give a delicious shape basket.

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H: 12" | W: 12" | D: 12"
Justine Burgess
Carmarthen UK
“All my life, I’ve had a compulsion to create; it brings me great joy and offers a release from the pressures of life. Willow, grown on my smallholding, affords me a versatile, sustainable material to weave both form and function. I relish drawing on my experience of traditional and modern weaves, combining them with the diverse colours of willow and crafting my own designs. I want my creations to evoke a sense of our traditions and heritage, while also bringing beauty and relevance into our modern day lives. I draw inspiration from the textures and colours of the Welsh landscape.
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