Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Bonnie Zimmer

Self-Portrait No. 2

Coiled waxed linen over hemp; found object

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H: 8.5" | W: 6.5" | D: 2.5"
Bonnie Zimmer
Rensselaer IN
When asked what I make, I like to reply “baskets that hold ideas and much more…” My vessels and all of my work are firmly grounded in my fiber background and informed by my love of the work of indigenous artists. Nature is my ongoing collaborator and often provides inspiration and materials. Technically, I utilize any and all traditional and non-traditional methods to construct my vessels, sculptures, and assemblages. From drilling and stitching, to coiling or weaving, my fiber sensibilities guide my overall spontaneous approach. Conceptually, I often follow the work. It always tells me what it is about. Ultimately, I strive to achieve an exquisite equilibrium between the integrity of my materials with my aesthetic sensibilities. This piece was created for a solo show called A Show of Hands.
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