Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Clay Burnette

Feet Well Planted

Dyed and painted longleaf pine needles coiled with hand-plied waxed linen thread and copper wire.

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H: 12" | W: 18" | D: 18"
Clay Burnette
Columbia SC
I coil pine needles with waxed linen thread. I begin the process by gathering fresh pine needles from longleaf pine trees that grow in the sandhills of South Carolina. The needles are colored with fabric dyes and acrylic paints, then sewn into coils using various colors of waxed linen thread and copper wire. My tools are simple: a large steel upholstery needle and a pair of sharp pointed scissors. When completed, each piece is preserved with a light coating of beeswax and signed with my initials. I use the basic basketmaking technique of coiling to create contemporary shapes that incorporate lots of patience, persistence, and imagination. The exploration of color, pattern, texture and form keeps me focused on the moment.
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