Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Lynne Dees

Double Portrait: It’s Complicated

Dyed and natural rattan, dyed and natural Hamburg cane, Swarovski crystals, ceramic plate, mesquite wood, waxed linen thread, satin trim, rick-rack, ribbon, silk cord, leather, recycled cat food and coffee bags

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H: 23" | W: 16" | D: 6"
Lynne Dees
Bedford TX
As a teen, I made macrame wall hangings, which led to an MFA degree in weaving under the mentorship of Roger K. Thomason. Off-loom woven sculptures eventually led to my current basketry work. My palette series utilizes the format of the tobacco basket, a large square shallow basket used to display the product. Because my narrative baskets are displayed on a wall as are paintings, they enable me to literally “paint with reed”. My three-dimensional series is based upon indigenous fish, crab, eel, and lobster traps where I incorporate the concepts of captivity, isolation, censorship, and imprisonment. My work incorporates non-basketry materials, including recyclables and castoffs.
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