Tressa Sularz

Dancing my way through life

I am a fiber artist who lives and works in Minneapolis. I create sculptural forms utilizing ancient basketry techniques. My work embodies motion and transitions. Some pieces are curving forms which suggest movement like ripples in water and shell forms. These are sometimes embellished with stones or beads to give them a sense of timelessness. Other pieces are like cocoons reflecting on a time of stillness and inwardness leading to eventual rejuvenation. My latest work explores vibrant color as I am dancing my way through life.

I teach at art centers, national basketry conferences, and similar venues. My work can be seen in Billie Ruth Sudduth’s book “Baskets: A Book for Makers and Collectors”, “Fiberarts Design Book 7”, “500 Baskets”, “All Things Considered VIII”, “All Things Considered 9”, and others. Since 1990, I have earned a living from sales of my work and teaching in the field. My work has been acquired by the Goldstein Gallery, University of Minnesota, Saint Paul, Minnesota, and many private patrons. I received a 2017 Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant to support creation of a new body of work and a video about my practice.

Learn more at my website, Tressa Sularz.

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