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Rose Covert - Entwined Golden

Rose Covert

Rose Covert uses natural materials to weave sculptural forms. Using reimagined basketry techniques, Rose creates woven landscapes that twist and travel around themselves. Her work is evocative of the natural world they are created from. They hold an element of dance and movement in their shapes and pull the viewer in with their dynamic tensions.  Rose […]

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Matt Tommey

Matt Tommey is an American basketry artist and teacher from East Texas. His sculptural basketry work is collected nationwide and has been featured in various magazines. He teaches online basket weaving classes, leads a global artist mentorship program called “Created to Thrive” and was recognized as one of the Best Art Mentors in 2018 by

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Nolan Wright

I have been making fiber art off and on for more than forty years, focusing for some time now on using coiling and knotting to make sculptural basketry forms, working with pine needles, waxed linen thread, other cords, and copper wire. My mother was an artist and gallery owner who championed indigenous folk art and

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Marina Lommerse

My foray into basketry was ignited when I signed up for a workshop with Lissa de Sailles at the National Basketry Conference 2023. Lissa taught a sculptural twinning workshop involving botanical works – baskets and wearable art. Currently I am experimenting with how I will integrate basketry methods into my sculptural objects, installations, and wearable

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Liza Pike

I love to work with textiles, threads, fabric, paper and fibers.  Using a variety of materials including muslin, linen, embroidery thread, rope, hemp and other soft materials, I like to weave, sew, paint and stitch pieces that reflect some aspect of the world around us. My sculptural baskets often include asymmetry, whimsy, bumpiness, curves and

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Adrianna Hinds

Connecting with my culture & heritage and love for Wyoming through folk-artistry Adrianna spent her childhood summers helping her grandparents in the plains of Colorado peeling freshly picked corn and using the husks to braid crosses, god’s eyes, and dolls. She immediately fell in love with creating with her hands and learning about her heritage

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Bonnie Zimmer

Learning to knit and sew as a child, Bonnie has been creating “baskets that hold ideas” since her early textile classes in undergraduate school where she majored in art with a fiber concentration. After her initial mastery of the loom, she was introduced to basketry as an art form by a new young professor who

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