Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

José Santiago Pérez

Un/Burden (so you may reunite)

coiled emergency blankets and plastic lacing
photo by Aiyo Cheboi

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H: 17" | W: 28" | D: 15"
José Santiago Pérez
Chicago IL
I weave plastics into markers of time, containers of intimacy, and spaces of belonging, using basketry to explore the intimate complexities of touch, time, and value.The haptic choreographies employed in my work -wrapping, coiling - bring the temporality of the body, the labor of making, and the accumulative pleasures and anxieties of repetition into intimate proximity. They are simple processes that evoke unsimple relations.My hands are guided by the possibility that value can be imbued on worthless materials by devalued bodies in an effort to insist on the mattering of their presence and persistence in a world prone to their quick disposal.
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