Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Clay Burnette

Melting Point

Dyed and painted southern longleaf pine needles coiled with a strand of hand-plied cordage (waxed linen thread and copper wire).

AWARD: Exhibition Committee Award
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H: 14" | W: 22" | D: 22"
Clay Burnette
Columbia SC
The coiling technique allows me to create shapes and sizes that slowly evolve as I work. Since I do no preliminary sketches before beginning, I consider each piece an unsolved mystery. My materials are simple - dyed and painted southern longleaf pine needles stitched with cordage that I hand-plied using waxed linen thread and copper wire. This tripod-based basket evolved over several months into a form that appears to be melting under its own weight. Ideas are endless - time is precious.
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