Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Lynne Francis-Lunn

Covid19, We Are All in This Together

This piece began when my brother was hospitalized for Covid19 in April of 2020. The work consists of 225 diagonally plaited cubes captured in a 12″ square hand knotted waxed linen net. 225 was the number of countries and territories that reported cases of the virus to the WHO in April of 2020. The size of the cube related to the overall population of the country or territory.

AWARD: Exhibition Committee Award
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H: 25" | W: 20" | D: 20"
Lynne Francis-Lunn
Beverly MA
Working with paper I use traditional basketry techniques to create contemporary woven sculptures. Each piece is concept driven. The purpose of my work is to engage the viewer. I want viewers to look deeply at my art and be drawn into it.
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