Baskets at a Miniature Scale

Suzye Ogawa grew up immersed in traditional Japanese arts and crafts in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Her father, Howard Ogawa, was a pioneering dental technician there with a lab full of tools. After taking a basket-making class in… Read More

Jacinthe Demmert

I am creatively devoted to Haida basketry. From gathering and preparation of cedar bark, and through every design, there is inherited cultural value in every step. My work is inherently tied to the forest through material and inspiration. … Read More

Adrianna Hinds

  Connecting with my culture & heritage and love for Wyoming through folk-artistry Adrianna spent her childhood summers helping her grandparents in the plains of Colorado peeling freshly picked corn and using the husks to braid crosses, god’s… Read More

NBO Conference Updates

FINAL SCHEDULE HAS BEEN POSTED!  Learn more about the conference schedule, getting to and from the airport, and soon to be in your inbox, a letter detailing suggested things to pack, information about the dorm (Trimble Hall), campus… Read More