Elizabeth Whyte Schulze – 31 Years of Vessels

An an exhibition of over 70 vessels by Elizabeth Whyte Schulze created throughout her career of over 30 years has opened at the Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on view through September 2, 2023.

Congratulations to NBO member Elizabeth Whyte Schulze on her remarkable accomplishment!  

Schulze creates vessels inspired by her travels throughout the world: Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Peru, and France. She is particularly interested in indigenous textiles and basketry as well as petroglyph and archaeological sites.

“I create basket sculptures with pine needles and raffia. I often adhere a thin skin of Japanese handmade paper to the basket. The paper veneer allows me to paint and mark the nubby surface with reflections on my travels. I layer images by intersecting and overlapping figure, design and text and bring figures to life as they run, walk and fly across the basket.”

Elizabeth Whyte Schulze

More information at Mobilia Gallery. 

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