Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Nancy Loorem Adams

Runneth Over

Press mold textured stoneware paper clay Cone 5, celadon glaze, random weave dyed reed.

exhibition award
Award: “Just because” – the piece seemed worthy for some inexplicable reason
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H: 9" | W: 8" | D: 3"
Nancy Loorem Adams
Langley WA
I enjoy the creation of sculptural forms that evoke emotion. I work with a variety of fiber materials. Having a background in basketry techniques I employ the use of random weave in many of my pieces. For me, random weave represents a truth in life, a beautiful order deeply connected—one element to the other— all creating a whole of interconnection and form. I am increasingly drawn into the use of this technique to express conceptual pieces with references to the complexity ofexistence. We live in an increasingly complicated world—an interdependent world of thoughts and action. So much darkness pervades while love, compassion, forgiveness and nature offer peace that soothes. Paradox is reality, one a part of the other.
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