Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Barbara Osborne

Pas de Deux

Pine needles treated with glycerin, dye and beeswax, coiled with waxed linen, attached to jasper and agate rock slices. The 3 rock slices set into the top half were cut from the same Brazilian agate. Free form coils have interior wire support.

exhibition award
Award: “Architectural”
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H: 15" | W: 8" | D: 7.8"
Barbara Osborne
San Francisco CA
My work is founded on a deep respect for the natural materials I use. A pine tree can be more than a hundred feet tall or a hundred years old; stones and fossils are thousands or millions of years old. I work to discover their stories - how they were formed, how they got their color and shape, how they interacted with the climate, the terrain and other living things - and then combine those stories with the shapes and colors I see around me. I find inspiration in all kinds of shapes: skylines, tree shapes, tunnels, bark patterns, kaleidescopes, slag heaps, bridges and buildings. Then I explore what shapes can be brought to life using pine needles, rocks, antlers, shells and trees.
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