Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Carol Hanson


Coiled natural fibers and honeycomb paper, buri nuts, metal grid, water hyacinth mat.

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H: 16" | W: 14" | D: 3"
Carol Hanson
Wilmington MA
My degree and day job are in technical fields but there’s always been some form of art in my life. In basketry, I’ve been lucky enough to have taken classes with some true masters and learned much from them and of myself. I’m especially drawn to combinations of natural and artificial materials, of created and found objects. Should I be farther outside the box ? I still tend to start with the box, then look at it more closely. What if we twist it, warp it, tear it open, turn it into a Klein bottle? What if we hide a heart in it, a soul, or even just a mirror? It may still be a box, but we can make it a box unlike any box before.
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