Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Candace Pratt

Native Grasses – In Harmony with Fire

Fire as Medicine. Stewardship. Cultural Burning. Indigenous people across the globe learned to manage and live in harmony with fire over thousands of years. From my roots in the Midwest, I try to envision the bountiful grasslands that flourished a mere century ago. As a contemporary basket weaver, I reflect on the universality of baskets made with local grasses. In Harmony with Fire is an adaptation of traditional coiled grass baskets. Tiny glass threads are bundled and shaped in a kiln-forming technique. Waxed linen is used to stitch the grass-like bundles of glass together. This is the story of the annual spring growth of the emerald-green grass, the summer drying, and the ceremonial burning allowing the cycle to repeat anew.

exhibition award
Award: “Just because” – the piece seemed worthy for some inexplicable reason
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H: 20" | W: 10" | D: 10"
Candace Pratt
Portland OR
For more than two decades I have manufactured architectural glass, while at the same time creating tapestry works of art. These two art forms were worlds apart from one another until I realized my love of glass and my passion for fiber art could be intertwined and be my voice. In the early days of the pandemic as I was searching for objects of global symmetry, baskets and vessels emerged as that vision. As I was envisioning these baskets, an unexpected gift of artistic freedom came my way that changed my life immeasurably and allowed me to find my voice to speak to social justice issues. It is my hope that my series Universal Vessel resonates with many who can visualize a more just society to weave an impenetrable force for good.
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