Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Camilla Gryski

Hollow Form with Hyperbolic Pseudosphere

Knotless netting, hyperbolic crochet. Copper, sterling and fine silver wires. Examples of hyperbolic forms are coral, kale, sea slugs and holly. I enclosed the form in a netted vessel shape, inviting the viewer to look closely. The open top allows a view into the heart of the piece.

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H: 3.5" | W: 3.75" | D: 3.75"
Camilla Gryski
Toronto Ontario
As a metal textile artist, I use knotless netting, crochet, twining and needle tatting to create vessels that are also containers for my ideas. I think about beauty, about interiors and exteriors, edges and boundaries. And the gifts of wire: transparency and reflection of light.
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