Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

P. Jill Green

Bristles and Knots 2022

Wood handle vegetable brush with unknown plant material bristles. Waxed linen knots.

exhibition award
Exhibition Committee Award
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H: 1.5" | W: 6.5" | D: 2.5"
P. Jill Green
Seattle WA
I am a fiber artist with deep basketry roots. I love to explore natural, man-made and unexpected materials. I like the challenge of figuring out how I can use the materials and techniques to accomplish the ideas I have in my head. Drawing my ideas is not something I do. This feels like it lacks flexibility for my process. If anything, I am more likely to write down ideas, or take a photograph. I find myself wondering what would happen if I do ___? Or how will I ever get knots around such an unusual shape? I like taking a familiar, almost humble, tool like a vegetable brush and changing it into an art object. It is meditative almost comforting to tie knot after knot over a brush handle. I am glad I have a steady supply of brushes.
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