Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Judy Zugish


My initial vision with this piece began with a conversation in mind–to take my hand skeined willow strands, and blend them with the choice barks I hand cut and saved for just this refined textured textile basket. It is a continual exploration of that vision, and a work of many many hours of stitch by stitch wonder. Each must hold an equal place in the partnership.

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H: 22" | W: 6" | D: 6"
Judy Zugish
Temple TX
It is a rare art to grow, peel, split and process the heart of the willow. In the repetitive skeining steps, I become deeply connected to the creative within. The captivating piece is a muscled conversation with resistance and strength and nuance and beauty; and even breakability. Each piece will possess character. My work is about seeing and sharing and developing that character. I like the interface of garden to gallery. It keeps the work grounded, while inviting the gratitude of poetry into my work. Judy Zugish is a basketry artist and educator whose work is experimental and sculpted from nature. She has explored plants in her celebrated fiber arts garden for over 30 years with keen curiosity. www.twigtwisters.com invites a visit.
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