Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Youngmi Pak

Am I Not My Mother’s Daughter?

Hexagonal open weave. Paper splints, dyed round reeds, and Dracaena leaves

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H: 19" | W: 12" | D: 11"
Youngmi Pak
Berkeley CA
In memory of my mother Heesun Kim (1932-2022) When I was very little my older brother used to tease me that our mother found me as a newborn baby under Youngmi Bridge near where I grew up. That’s why I was named Youngmi. I was so upset that I used to cry and also with one eye I kept observing my brother and my parents to see if I was one of them. Growing up I looked like my dad and did not seem to be like my mother at all in many of her wonderful qualities. Only in recent years, as I have been taking care of my elderly mother, I am realizing how much I am like her and yet we seem so different.
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