Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Sharon Stafford


This piece is woven with the 3-rod wale technique, using colored copper and colored silver-plated wire.

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H: 6 7/8" | W: 4 1/4" | D: 4 1/4"
Sharon Stafford
Arlington MA
I love the slow process of my basketry. I wish I could show the process along with the finished work, because for me it is a significant part of the whole. I call this piece “Upward” for its final hopeful gesture, but the subtext is “emerging from difficult times.” The year I spent working on this was challenging, with many life interruptions. When I finally finished “Upward,” about 2 weeks into the pandemic shutdown, I was ambivalent about it. Yet, observers’ reactions to it in context of the pandemic helped me understand that the piece reflected my emotions from that challenging year and spoke to others’ struggles as well. Outside observers helped me “see” that Upward conveyed all those feelings and enabled me to be at peace with it.
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