Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Barbara Shapiro

Troubled Waters

Troubled Waters is the second in a series of politically inspired plaited sedori cane globes. The sedori cane was purchased already dyed in Tokyo. The hexagonal plaiting is done on a hemp leaf base. Persimmon and indigo-dyed and inked papers and cloth create flowing bodies of polluted waters meandering around the surface of the globe. A pool of debris rests on the floor of the basket where clear limpid waters should be. Both climate change and human negligence are put our waterways and our very life on earth in danger.

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H: 14" | W: 13" | D: 13"
Barbara Shapiro
San Francisco CA
My basketry reflects traditional ways of working with a contemporary hand and topical issues subtly expressed. I used dyed cane, often indigo dyed, with paper or cloth surface treatments when appropriate to the theme. During the Pandemic I was moved to create work that reflected issues I feel strongly about like environment and social equity, but I also feel that creating something pleasing to the eye reflects a shared human aspiration and as such has equal value. As my technical skills improve, my voice gets stronger. I am grateful to my many wonderful teachers and the traditional basket makers who have inspired me. Spending hours each day working in my studio these past long months has been my solace and my joy.
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