Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Peggy Thrasher

Three Metals

Copper, Brass, and Zinc are woven in three directions producing a three dimensional cube optical illusion. This weaving technique is known as Mad Weave because it makes you nuts while you are doing it. While the flat parts of the basket have six sided stars, the corners have a five sided star which allows the shape of the basket to be created.

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H: 2.75" | W: 8.75" | D: 8.75"
Peggy Thrasher
Durham NH
My baskets are a celebration of the beauty of mathematics in the physical world. Patterns promote peace and a grounded-ness because they are predictable. Yet complex patterns are also surprising, causing the viewer to question their assumptions and begin to see things in new ways. The triaxial weave utilizes three directions of weaving. This provides an unusual pattern to the baskets, yet one that is pleasant and feels correct. The twill weaving allows the strips to nest very tightly, and provides many interesting color patterns. My baskets are designed to prompt people to enjoy the beauty of a basic pattern, yet to also wonder how the basket is constructed and why the patterns evolve from that construction.
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