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NBO Members Exhibition

Nancy Loorem Adams

Sayre 2020

Sayre 2020 is a study in the round form using random weave with wood veneers, cane and steel with fine brass pins. The piece is intended to express the monumental and the minute in one intersecting orb–such is life.

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H: 23" | W: 23" | D: 23"
Nancy Loorem Adams
Langley WA
Sculptural basketry artist Nancy Loorem Adams’ work expresses social concerns of her time. She is compelled to participate in dialogue through evocative sculptures, creating objects of visual beauty and interest, while on a deeper contemplative level, evoking the apparent entanglements with challenging and painful realities. Loorem Adams specializes in using random weave basketry techniques to bring issues to light. Her works are influenced by traditional Japanese basketry and the Buddhist concept of wabi-sabi, an aesthetic at the forefront of Loorem Adams sense of beauty and the impermanence of reality.
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