Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Jane Marie

Plunging Deeper Than A Diver Into the Great Deep Sleep

This gourd is oil painted in blue analogous colored stripes, and rimmed around the top edge with Devil’s claw pods painted to match the stripes on the gourd. The pods are held in place with silver metal spring beads & silver wire. Tucked inside the gourd and stitched to the claws of the pods is a coiled basket of new & old rusty fencing wires with a beaded pendant suspended from a salvaged piece of #9 fencing wire.

AWARD: “Wordsmith” – longest title (45 characters)
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H: 10.5" | W: 13" | D: 13"
Jane Marie
Hastings NE
My baskets evolved out of my strong connection to nature and my keen interest in growing plants. The gourds which are the base of my baskets were grown in my garden in central Nebraska and the devil’s claws pods were gathered three hours away from where I live on the farm where I grew up in southwest Nebraska. There the devil’s claw pods grow wild and unwelcome in pastures and fields. I like gathering, cleaning, sorting, and storing the devil’s claws pods and gourds as much as I like using them in the actual art making. I work in a sunroom studio that is surrounded by my backyard gardens where nature’s color combinations and natural themes are plentiful up-close.
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