Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Lynne Dees

Fish Trap #2: Catch O’ the Day

Fish Trap #2: Catch O’ the Day incorporates dyed and natural rattan, paracord, and plastic caps.
Inedible trash is collected in the fish trap in the place of dinner. Instead of serving as stewards for our earth’s natural resources, human beings seem intent upon destroying them.

AWARD: Exhibition Committee Award
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H: 39" | W: 15" | D: 15"
Lynne Dees
Bedford TX
My three-dimensional fish trap series is based upon indigenous fish, crab, eel, and lobster traps which were traditionally made of bamboo and rope. I incorporate the concepts of trapping, captivity, isolation, censorship and imprisonment to illustrate current human conditions and events. The incorporation of recycled objects and materials illustrates the extent of waste produced by humankind but also and more importantly, how recyclables may be used to create works that are playful and have personal meaning.
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