Cathryn Peters


Cathryn Peters, originally from Vancouver, Washington, has lived in several different states with her husband and two children over the years. Since 2002, she’s lived in northern Minnesota in Angora, enjoying the country life and gathering natural basket weaving materials from her 120-acre homestead.

On the suggestion of her mother-in-law in 1975, Cathryn began her professional chair caning and antique wicker restoration career. In 1990 she made her first original design antler basket, using those traditional weaving techniques and materials learned while restoring the wicker furniture.With the desire to perpetuate these traditional crafts, Cathryn has been an instructor in chair caning and seat weaving for 30 years and antler basket weaving instructor for 17 years, traveling far and wide to teach.

After nearly 40 years, Cathryn has recently retired from the day-to-day wicker and caning restoration work to concentrate more fully on her antler basket artistry.  Since 1999, Cathryn has provided free information and resources for basketmakers and chair caners alike through her website,, which also features her contemporary antler basket creations and patterns.

Cathryn’s award-winning antler basket sculptures are in exhibitions and galleries across the country and have been featured in The Crafts, Report, Basket Bits, Country Woman, Splint Woven Basketry and Basketry Round-Up.
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