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NBO Members Exhibition

Vicki Hast

Willow with Vine

Willow rib basket using wisteria vine for form and enhancement.

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H: 12" | W: 15" | D: 7"
Vicki Hast
Owensboro KY
Over the last 8 years my main pursuit has been willow basketry. Having planted my own willow bed on the farm in Kentucky, I am able to connect with these basketmaking materials on a deeply intimate level. I also forage for wisteria vine on the nearby walking trail, comb the Kentucky Lake shoreline for driftwood, cut Siberian iris from my friend’s garden for making cordage, and harvest red bud branches for basket forms. My love of basketry and weaving harken back to the long summer days of my youth sitting in the city park shelter making potholders on a loom or knotting lanyards with plastic cord. I find great joy in creating finished pieces that reflect my craftsmanship, patience, and unique personal style.
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