Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Joe Van Wassenhove

We’re All In This Together

Birch bark used for side panels, top and bottom rims; perle cotton for plain weave and tablet woven inserts; red cedar for the base; sea grass braided for the rim filler and waxed linen used for stitching the panels and lashing the rims

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H: 11" | W: 9" | D: 9"
Joe Van Wassenhove
Kirkland WA
Titled We're All In This Together, this basket reflects my reaction to recent COVID debates and political rancor. The basket combines my two interests of basket weaving and loom weaving. The idea of birch bark as a base came from a Deb Curtis class in 2020. I wove 21 bands in varying widths in 4 colorways using perle cotton, intentionally choosing skin tones. The wider the band, the more interaction between the colors echoing the increasing exposure we gain to other people, cultures and perspectives as we go to school, work and age. The central band is tablet woven using cabling which allows the warps to cross each other. Here I’ve used this technique to call for all of us to pull together and collaborate for the common good.
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