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NBO Members Exhibition

Barbara Shapiro

Welcome Pineapple 236

My Pineapple baskets are inspired by beautiful Japanese flower knot plaiting I first saw on bark purses in Tokyo 20 years ago. I finally learned the technique from Jiro Yonezawa in 2017. The flowers are not ornamental, they are structural. The 236 individual flower knots form the basket on a hemp leaf plaited base with archival varnish. Exotic pineapples, both real and in home decoration became a symbol of welcome in Europe and America. While acknowledging the evils of colonization that supported their export in centuries past, I made this one to welcome students and guests into my studio.

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H: 14" | W: 9" | D: 10"
Barbara Shapiro
Salem OR
My basketry reflects traditional ways of working with a contemporary hand and topical issues subtly expressed. I used dyed cane, often indigo dyed, with paper or cloth surface treatments when appropriate to the theme. During the Pandemic I was moved to create work that reflected issues I feel strongly about like environment and social equity, but I also feel that creating something pleasing to the eye reflects a shared human aspiration and as such has equal value. As my technical skills improve, my voice gets stronger. I am grateful to my many wonderful teachers and the traditional basket makers who have inspired me. Spending hours each day working in my studio these past long months has been my solace and my joy.
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