Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Sian Turner

Vegetable hod

Paired base, 4 rod upset, French randed and English randed siding in Black Maul willow and white willow. Lid has a flange and is topped off with a willow toggle handle.

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H: 17" | W: 12" | D: 15"
Sian Turner
Harbour Centre NS
Weaving caught my eye early. Starting with reed, then white oak, then birch, pine needles and now all my creative energy goes towards learning, growing, harvesting and teaching all things willow. I grow 25 varieties and harvest enough to supply my need for weaving a variety of baskets, ornaments, jewelry and garden accessories. I have a wee gallery and shop on our property and have collaborated with a young farming couple to start a modest school of basketry here in Northern Nova Scotia. I continue to study and take classes from the likes of Adrian Charlton, Norbert Faure, Jenny Crisp and Eddie Glew to improve my skills so I can pass them on. Trees inspire me so I have to do this, with care and total commitment.
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