Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Jennifer Lambdin


Coiling, with pine needles, raffia, and liquid amber tree seed pods.

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H: 3" | W: 5" | D: 5"
Jennifer Lambdin
San Mateo CA
I started making baskets in 1986 when I learned how to make pine needle baskets in Yosemite. I fell in love and took more classes in the Bay Area. I now make baskets out of vines and plants growing in my back yard, as well as fabric, vintage wire found in the garage, and soda cans. I was first inspired to make baskets after seeing how the Native Americans made baskets using the plants in Yosemite Valley. I've always collected anything that could be used in sculptures, or mosaics, and now my eye is mostly set on things that could be woven! I've learned that my backyard is a treasure trove of materials! My main focus now is in creating baskets that celebrate and give thanks to the the beautiful things growing around me.
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