Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Donna Cochran


Plaiting, lashing, twining, cordage. Peeled Western red cedar root, yellow cedar bark, kelp, Scirpus americanus sedge, willow, palm inflorescence, waxed linen thread.

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H: 5" | W: 42" | D: 13"
Donna Cochran
Salt Spring island British Columbia
My passion for basketry started by collecting baskets during my career in international development. For 20 years I lived/worked in Africa, the Middle East and Latin American and was drawn to the utility and beauty of baskets. Since moving to Salt Spring Island, BC in 1995, I have been privileged to learn basketry techniques from so many talented and inspiring instructors from Canada, the US and Europe. I love learning to grow, harvest and prepare a variety of natural materials – willow, bark, grasses, vines. Then I moved on to contemporary materials – paper, metal, wire. Most recently I have played with upcycling or repurposing objects - toothpaste tubes, gumboots, flatware, socks - transforming them into whimsical vessels.
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