Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Alison Hiers


Coiled pine needles with waxed linen, stone and wood beads, wire

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H: 7.5" | W: 10" | D: 9"
Alison Hiers
Carlsbad CA
The great thing about weaving and basketry is that there is almost a limitless supply of materials that can be woven and an equal number of techniques to use. If you find you don't like one then you just move onto something else! I enjoy trying new techniques and materials - some I never want to try again and others I take to like a duck to water. Even within a style of basketry you can experience this. I love coiling with pine needles but I don't think sculptural work is my future! Lately my new passion is collecting materials from my yard and making traditional Appalachian style baskets. Next I want to incorporate barks I've collected or bought and stashed away. The possibilities are endless!
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