Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Nancy Phillips

Solstice Salix

Stakes of 1/4 inch willow (Salix rubens Hutchinson’s Yellow) bark side out, and 1/2 inch weavers of the same willow with the reverse side facing out. Three rows of Irish linen thread between each row. Lashed willow rim.

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H: 6 1/2" | W: 4 1/2" | D: 3"
Nancy Phillips
Saturna BC
Growing up in the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest, I had a wonderful teacher who regularly took us out into nature. We walked the beaches collecting driftwood, seaweed and shells; we scrambled through the forest and gathered leaves and mosses and made all manner of things with what we found. We all became “artists”. I took my first basketry class with the world-renowned basket maker, Joan Carrigan, in 2014. Hilary Stewart’s remarkable book, ‘Cedar’, provided much insight. Living amongst the First Nations basket makers and artists is a constant source of inspiration. Having tried a variety of materials, I am drawn to using bark for its warmth, depth of colour and texture. I love the challenge of making precise, orderly objects.
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