Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Helen Leaf


Ply-split braiding. Artist-made cords (yarn from Black Welsh Mountain, Jacob and Masham sheep)

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H: 3.5" | W: 5.5" | D: 5.5"
Helen Leaf
United Kingdom
I work with ply-split braiding, creating mainly vessels and sculptural forms that express a sense of wholeness and grace. I spend a lot of time with ancient trees; the forest, and the whole of life within it, inspires me greatly. My materials of choice are woollen yarns, particularly from traditional and rare breed sheep. I often work with twisting and spiral-type motifs, seeing each piece as a gesture, or representation of a part of nature. Ply-split braiding is fairly labour intensive, done with care to achieve a high quality end result. I seek to make things that inspire, that have a timeless quality, and that suggest a sense of elegance and integrity.
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