Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Norman Sherfield

Slices of Time– Brooch Caterpillar

knotted waxed linen, found objects and recycled watch parts

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H: 2.5" | W: 5" | D: 2.5"
Norman Sherfield
Eureka CA
Recycling odds and end watch parts, collectible porcelain figurines, bringing back forgotten treasures in a new form, Slices of Time, individually or as a group, they transform those abandoned tchotchkes into new sculptures as well as jewelry to wear when you head out to that special event. Tired of the current pin, just flip it over for a whole new view. One side is new knotted psychedelia, and the other side is a memory of the past when time was viewed on a dial on your wrist and is now a slower time to watch.
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