Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Nolan Wright

Skirting the Issue

Coiled and knotted, using dyed and paint-dipped long leaf pine needles, waxed linen, poly cord, c-lon cord, and anodized copper wire.

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H: 8" | W: 13" | D: 13"
Nolan Wright
Columbia SC
Undulating forms and the interplay of color and texture in nature fascinate me, as does the simultaneous fleetingness and persistence of life and the mystery that surrounds the physical remnants. Tree roots, wood burls, twisting vines, rock faces, bark, tide pools, barnacles growing on weathered fishing vessels, traces left in the side of a building when its neighbor is disassembled, and the like. Knotting and coiling with fiber has proven to be a very satisfying way for me to explore constructing objects with similar characteristics. Pieces develop slowly and organically, like the growing and decaying things that inspire me.
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