Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Ray Darbro

Self-Portrait #6

Technique: Cat Head. Materials: Watercolor paper, acrylic paint, reclaimed copper wire, reclaimed aluminum wire, paper, inkjet printer ink.

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H: 11.5" | W: 5.25" | D: 5.25"
Ray Darbro
Denton TX
I am primarily a metalsmith & fiber artist. However, this year I learned basketry as a technique that could be used to intertwine the two mediums, I most commonly work in. I focused on exploring different ways to make Cat Head baskets. How changing the width of the spokes & weavers could change the whole shape of the basket. My favorite is a piece that is an addition to an ever-growing collection of self-portraits. They were all made as a different interpretation of the same photograph. In this piece it is not just the photo that represents a self-portrait, every aspect does; the outside colors, a surprise of color on the inside & the lashing is recycled copper wire & aluminum wire, are all just a few of the details that show facets of me.
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