Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Lauren Gregersen


Reworked found basket, fabric trims, painted thread, shell beads, bubble wrap

exhibition award
Award: “Outside the basket”
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H: 13.5" | W: 17" | D: 16"
Lauren Gregersen
Tucson AZ
I formally studied for an MFA in Fiber so weaving and sculpture and I would include the basket inform most of my practice. I am drawn to and collect a lot of disparate materials/elements that speak to me. I also make from scratch materials like painted and dyed fabrics or threads. Some of these materials could be construed as on the trashy side. But I respect craftsmanship and hope that that brings integrity to each piece. Through play these components engage in conversation and resonate with one another and the chatter in my head. Recently I have used found baskets as a foundation to remake and redefine the original form. There is so much absurdity in our daily lives and I hope that the work reflects that with an element of humor.
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