Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Lissa-Jane de Sailles

Red Waratah Girl

3 piece wearable art ensemble made with 100% paper. Twined paper cord with inserts. Over 1500 petals were unfurled in the making.

exhibition award
Award: “Wearable”
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H: 3 piece ensemble" | W: 3 piece ensemble" | D: 3 piece ensemble"
Lissa-Jane de Sailles
Nowra NSW Australia
My work has evolved from initial training as a basket maker to ongoing experimentation with sculptural twining techniques using primarily commercially produced paper string from Asia and Finland. Whilst a thorough grounding in technical execution and attention to detail underpins the work, I like to break rules and explore where the techniques can take me. This wearable art ensemble is inspired by my love of the camellia genus, Chinese folklore, and theatre.
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