Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Stephanie Tames

Mountain River

River wood, natural and dyed coiled longleaf pine needles, waxed linen thread, bees wax.

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H: 10" | W: 7.5" | D: 7"
Stephanie Tames
Asheville NC
I have been making longleaf pine needle baskets since 2002 after moving to south Georgia. A self-taught basket maker, I took the traditional form of coiled baskets long used by First Americans in this region to explore ways this unique natural material can be used sculpturally. In both my more traditionally shaped pieces and sculptural explorations I use form, color (dyed pine needles, colored waxed linen thread, and recycled sari ribbon) as well as various stitches to evoke movement, space and place. I also incorporate wire, wood and found objects in my pieces.
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